Diabetes, the NHS & "official advice"

In the news yesterday, it was reported that an estimated 1.3 million diabetes patients are not receiving the proper treatment in the UK – in fact, only around 10% are being offered the full series of health checks (read the full article here). Although manageable once diagnosed, undetected, diabetes can lead to much more severe and even life-threatening complications.

While many will instinctively point the finger of blame at the NHS, and undoubtedly more could be done administratively, part of the problem must lie in the rising number of patients with diabetes. It is a sad symptom of our times that most people still do not receive a proper education in diet and increasingly choose to eat the wrong food – which has led in no small part to the dramatic rise in conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

But the NHS’s guidelines aren’t giving people the proper information either (read here). The NHS recommends that people “eat plenty of starchy food” – however, if these people took more care to reduce the Glycaemic Load of what they eat, the NHS would save a lot of money and the majority of their patients would lead healthier lives.

So don’t delay. Join the nutritional revolution – today!

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