Try Lizi’s Granola With…

The recent “cold snap” has made the prospect of cold milk straight out of the fridge a slightly unwelcome prospect. But never fear – we’ve come up with the perfect solution! This week we’re eating our very favourite Belgian Chocolate granola with – yes you guessed it – warmed milk. As recipes go, we’ll admit it’s not particularly ground-breaking. But this simple twist on an old favourite really makes the difference when contemplating the school run or that chilly walk to the station. Simply warm up some milk on the hob (or if you’re in a rush, pop it in the microwave for a couple of minutes) and pour over the granola of your choice. We’re eating Belgian Chocolate because we love how the milk turns chocolate-y. We also think that a sprinkle of cinnamon adds that extra bit of warmth on a cold morning. Wrap up warm granola lovers!

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Enjoy, Lizi x

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