What's your favourite way?

We have had a fantastic response from our Facebook page, where people have been suggesting their favourite ways to eat Lizi’s Granola.

Emma takes her granola first thing in the morning for breakfast with skimmed milk, just like the rest of us – but can’t help taking a big handful straight from the pack during the day also just like the rest of us! Mary also has hers for breakfast, but with natural yogurt instead. Definitely worth a try!

The prize for the most imaginative recipe of the week has to go to Ronnie though. He likes to eat his Lizi’s Granola with vanilla yogurt. But he also recommends heating it up with flavoured soya milk – particularly Chocolate soya if you can get hold of it – infused with orange or almond extract. It’s a fantastic recipe which we’re all excited to try down here at Lizi’s.

Thank you so much for your excellent suggestions! Remember, if you have a recipe you’d like to share, contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

Have a good day!

Lizi x

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