Let The Sun Shine!

Haven’t we been enjoying some fabulous sunshiny weather recently?

Let’s add some of that sunshine into your breakfast bowl…

Your local supermarket will be stocking up on fresh peaches, nectarines, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries that are ripe and ready-to-eat. My favourite Summer fruits are strawberries grown in England – they have a wonderful intense sweetness that no other strawberry can beat.

Strawberries have a low Glyceamic Load (GL), which means that they won’t spike your blood sugar levels. They also contain lots of anti-oxidants and vitamins.

To add some of that goodness into your Breakfast bowl, hull and halve a pack of British strawberries and toss them into my Organic granola. Perfect with icy-cold milk and chilled natural yoghurt – Breakfast has never tasted so summery!

We all know that Strawberries taste best when they are fresh. In the evening, eat your Strawberries with Vanilla ice-cream and a (very generous) topping of my famous Treacle Pecan granola. Summer dessert perfection.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

Lizi, x


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