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New research suggests that a low GL diet might just be one of the best tools against ageing.

Research by Dr. Cynthia Kenyon, Director of the Hillblom Center for the Biology of Ageing at the University of California, has identified an ageing gene. The discovery was made when Dr. Kenyon limited the amount of carbohydrate fed to the worm C. elegans and discovered that the reduction in carbohydrate increased their lifespan twice. The C. elegans worm was chosen for this research because it has a similar biological make-up to humans.

In scientific circles, the ‘ageing gene’ is known as Daf-2. There is another gene called Daf-16, which works under Daf-2 and is believed to boost levels of antioxidants, improve immunity and repair proteins.

Eating highly processed ‘starchy’ carbohydrates stimulates Daf-2. We need to restrict the number of white carbohydrates in our diet, instead favouring unprocessed grains like oats. This will reduce the impact of insulin (the hormone central to regulating carbohydrate and fat metabolism) on your system.

The main ingredient in Lizi’s Granola is unprocessed jumbo oats. These take longer to be digested, which means that you get a slow release of energy, without compromising your blood glucose levels.

Good news for our Granola lovers then.

Lizi, x

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