Chic-Chic Chicken

Hello all,

It’s funny how often I meet people who have an interesting story to share about Lizi’s Granola.

Just the other day, I took my dog to the local vet who had recently operated on a poorly chicken. The chicken had an “impacted” or swollen crop – i.e. the place where it stores it’s food – and needed to be operated on under local anaesthetic. Fortunately, all went to plan. The crop was emptied and the chicken was stitched up.

After the surgery however, the chicken needed feeding and the vet hadn’t any corn to offer it. Thankfully, the veterinary nurse had an emergency stash of (yes, you guessed it) Lizi’s Granola at hand from the Treacle Pecan range. Suffice to say, the chicken couldn’t believe it’s luck and gobbled up a handful of our granola.

So, in the end, the plucky chicken went home happy despite it’s ordeal. And I’m now considering expanding into Lizi’s Chicken Feed range.

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Lots of love,

Lizi xoxo

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