Lizi's vs Cornflakes

The Daily Mail (3 July 2012)(Mail- online features an article and asks several questions about why diet and exercise regimens don’t seem to work. The British Nutrition Foundation carried out research on diets not working and identified 100 factors which have an influence on us.

At the top of the list of unhelpful factors is eating cereal for breakfast. It seems a US study found that breakfast cereals sweetened with sugar didn’t do any favours for those eating them. The study highlighted the problem faced by overweight participants who found that these breakfast cereals found them hungry again before lunchtime, and led to the participants subsequently eating more calories than was necessary during the remainder of the day.

Many of the breakfast cereals on the supermarket shelves contain 30-40% sugar, so it’s little wonder that there is a problem. But even those like Cornflakes which are low in sugar, are made from highly glycaemic carbohydrates that rapidly break down to sugar in your blood steam. Here’s what happens to my own blood sugar level after eating a 50g portion of Cornflakes.

Shown on the same plot is my blood sugar response to 50g of granola. Even though my granola contains sugars, they are of the low glycaemic kind and so a 50g serving has a minimal effect on my blood sugar as you can see here.

I think it is important to stress that you should eat the recommended portion size and not to over indulge, unless you’re about to run a marathon!

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  1. I’d take your granola over cornflakes any day! <3

    Shannon (Healthiful Balance) | August 10, 2012 at 5:29 pm () ()