Sugar, sugar, sugar

On 18 August 2012, the Daily Mail had an article on “healthy cereal bars”. Here at Lizi’s Granola we have always said that sugar is the real enemy when related to healthy eating. But for such a long time now we have all been told that fat is the demon. Not so, and now Which has carried out a study which looked at the sugar and fat contents of many of the most popular cereal bars. These are the bars that many people reach for in lieu of breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon, or indeed at any time, when hunger or cravings get the better of willpower, or a more sensible option! The research showed that 16 of the most popular bars contained more than 30% sugar. So take your bar out of its wrapping, and just looking at it, before eating it, you can now see that one third of it is sugar. Why not cut off a third, and just substitute approximately 8 teaspoons of sugar! Because that’s what the bar is, one third sugar. How can that be good for you? The amount of sugar in these bars leads to an over-consumption of sugar because the glucose levels in the body become unstable, leading to highs and lows of blood glucose which lead to the over consumption of sugar giving rise to diabetes and we all know how much difficulty and illness that can cause for people.

One other important fact that did come out of this research is that one manufacturer is still using hydrogenated fat. The difficulty with this particular ingredient is that because the structure of the fat has been altered the body doesn’t recognise it and can’t deal with it, so has no option but to store it, so laying up lots of trouble for levels of cholesterol.

For those of you interested in the condition of your skin, too much sugar leads to inflammation within the deeper layers of the skin and the subsequent breakdown of collagen. This decrease in collagen is one of the factors giving rise to the lines and wrinkles which we so dislike. Dr Perricone, a US dermatologist, has done a lot of work in this area and has a range of cosmetics to counteract this problem, and now YSL have produced a skin care range which also focuses on this risk.

So read the labels carefully, and if you are in need of some extra energy, why not keep a bag of Lizi’s Granola in your desk and snack on that instead!


For the full article in the Daily Mail, see here

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2 Comments on Sugar, sugar, sugar

  1. I’m a new diabetic struggling not to be prescribed drugs to control it. Started eating Lizi’s granola last week, absolutely gorgeous, can’t wait to try the other flavours.

    Diane | August 22, 2012 at 1:07 pm () ()
  2. Love ur granola since i try in Raffles hotel , ammazing criunchy and fresh. Price is little high .

    Thanks for the good product

    Ahlam | September 30, 2012 at 7:47 pm () ()