Why low fat makes you fatter!

As a follow up to the interesting piece in today’s Daily Mail, 28 March 2013, see the link here


and yours truly had also decided to eat full fat Greek style yoghurt (organic, of course!). There is less sugar in this yoghurt than in the low fat version and less is definitely more in this case as this yoghurt is a lot more satisfying. Due to the fact the yoghurt is more satisfying I now eat less of it which is the overall secret to full fat products. Fat is good at satisfying your appetite, ie the satiety is high, you do actually eat less of the product.

The fat content from nuts, seeds and coconut, of my Granola is also one of the reasons why it is satisfying. Combine that with oats, maybe some fresh fruit, and full fat yoghurt, and you have such a brilliant start to the day. At the moment I’m eating Lizi’s Organic Granola with very little milk, and make my granola into a sort of mush (sounds peculiar!) and I’m really enjoying it and lasting through until mid-afternoon!

Why not read the article and let me have your comments?

Please read this article by Mick Shaw – Fat Causes Fat

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