All in a day’s work

Last Wednesday, 12 March, I drove up to London for a new product photo-shoot. Normally I wouldn’t drive anywhere near London, but I wasn’t able to leave my dog all day, so Blue came with me. If you’re travelling on your own for a long distance, having your dog with you makes for a great companion. I can chat away to him and he never argues, he just thinks I’m wonderful!

The drive up was uneventful until we reached Piccadilly, and then we were in amongst taxis, buses, trucks, cars, bicycles, Vespa type scooters and motorbikes. I could cope with the taxis, buses , cars but it really did feel as though the cyclists, scooter riders and motor bike riders had a death wish. They were weaving in and out of the traffic at a great speed, and it’s not always easy to see them coming up from behind, especially if they are changing lanes. Anyway, we kept going without any mishaps into Shaftesbury Avenue, Holborn and on to Clerkenwell where the photographic studio was. At this point the roads suddenly became lanes, double yellow lines everywhere, and a one way system because the lanes were really narrow. Dickens came to mind, and I found myself imagining those characters walking through the lanes, and could hear the horses and carriages.


Everything was set up in the studio; the design team and the photographer were already at work and we spent some three hours photographing a “new product”. It was all very relaxed and good fun but you have to concentrate and think hard about the pictures appearing on the screen before you. The camera is very different from my little Canon! There’s a little tweak here, and a little tweak there, and then it’s all over. Blue came into the studio to say hello to everyone, and was such a good boy, and then it was time to reverse our journey.

I made a couple of extra loops going through Holborn, because I didn’t read the satnav map very well. Then on through a very busy central London and out onto the M4 and home. I didn’t get back until 10.00pm, and Blue had been such a good boy all day during what must have been a slightly boring day for him. I was very proud of him, and made sure he had a bit extra for his supper! It was a very long day but very worthwhile.


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