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Instagram: A Picture Of Health

Lizi’s is now on Instagram! For those who don’t know what Instagram is – and to get the mandatory descriptive element of this blog piece out of the way – it’s a free to download app that gives smartphone users the ability to jazz up captured snaps with a vintage or iconic appearance.

It was also the first mobile friendly app to make pictures rather than text its centrepiece. For that reason, it is often unfairly cast as insubstantial and vain. But, as the cliché goes, a picture can tell a thousand words. Thankfully, some clichés are also backed up with science, and we now know that people process visual content 50 times faster than they do text. Picture books might be for children – but Instagram is for serious adults on the move.

Lizi's Granola on Instagram

And this is what makes Instagram so special. Ever wake up, totally famished, with no idea what it is that you want? Instragram’s 150 million users can probably help. At the time of writing, opening the app and searching #breakfast loads just over 28 million results –all beautifully captured pictures of different meals, offering inspiration for the hungry breakfast seeker.

Of course, a lot of the results yielded will have you searching for #heartattack – while two pieces of steak, eight rashes of bacon, and twelve black puddings might look good on a plate, it’s not going to help kick-start your health drive. So, if you’ve decided against the greasy fry-up, you could try searching for #healthybreakfast instead. This reveals over 430,000 images. Not all healthy breakfasts are born equal of course (unless you really love spinach, kale and ginger slosh) but if you’ve got a couple of minutes spare to scroll through the duds, you’ll soon stumble upon your morning delight.

Instead of wading through hundreds of (albeit beautiful) pictures however, you could also place your trust in certain users who update their accounts daily with great meal ideas and health tips. A few of our favourites include @deliciouslyella, a plant based blogger and smoothy lover, who lives both gluten and sugar-free; @sproutedkitchen, who always provides good, healthy ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner; and @thewholefooddiary, which documents a husband and wife’s journey to eat well and love what they eat.

And now, we’re thrilled to announce that Lizi’s has an Instagram profile, so please do follow us at @lizisgranolaofficial to find out the latest on our healthy, low-glycaemic load granola recipes – and share with us pictures of your own heathy breakfasts. We’re pretty new to it too – so we hope to learn how to make the most of Instagram for a more healthy life together!

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