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I’m a huge fan of Lizi’s Granola and was thrilled when they asked me to help launch their new High Protein granola. Giving you 27% of your daily protein needs per serving, it’s gotta be the right start to your day, particularly if you’re into fitness. It’s lower in sugar than any other granola – so it’s spot on and pretty darn tasty too!

Over the next six months, you’ll see me popping up here and on the website giving you top tips on how to get your fitness performance at its best all with the right nutrition.

First up though – it’s that time of year and we’ve got to talk Football, right? The summer’s most exciting tournament is about to kick off and I’ve been working with Lizi’s to produce some interesting facts about the kinds and quantities of food an elite footballer may consume during this period and how best they will recover.

Having worked with international teams and leading clubs, I’m pretty clued up on how to get the best from each player – but overall you need commitment!

Did you know, on match day a typical player will….

  • consume up to 4,000 calories pre match consisting of high protein and good cabs
  • in a 90 minute game run 11km
  • run speeds of up to 34km/h
  • burn 1,500 calories

So it’s really important to eat the right foods before and after a match – this isn’t just a rule for footballers, it’s for us too; doing any form of exercise. Ensuring the right intake of food will give you the best chance for optimum performance and ensure energy levels are sustained.

Over the next couple of days, we’ll be releasing a really fun infographic where we’ll reveal more insight into footballer’s habits this summer, so keep an eye open for that.





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  1. Most of the athlete doesn’t have their own proper routine as they exercise and eat every day.But knowing these helpful tips, you’ll be able to provide a good exercise and even eat healthily. Because every athlete needs to be tougher and stronger every day for them not to be left at their pace.

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