There’s more to a footballer than fast feet & WAGS!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an elite footballer playing in a European competition? Yes! So did we – and that’s exactly the question we asked our very own Matt Lovell…after all he should know given he’s an international football performance nutritionist and worked with some top clubs to boot!

As Matt mentioned in his blog, last week, he’s created a fun infographic full of interesting stats about what a footballer will eat, drink and how they will rest pre and post competition.

He’s also listed the amounts of food each footballer may have consumed if they got to the final – all pretty impressive, including 42 bowls of our very own and new High Protein Granola!

So without further ado – here it is! We’d love to know what your favourite stat is? Ours is the one about the goalkeeper and their heart rate going up to 160bpm during penalties – that’s awesome!

So, there’s a big match this Thursday…and a tricky one to know who to support given we were created in Wales, but loved so much throughout England. So, may the best team win – we’ll be routing for you both!


Lizi's Infographic

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