5 tips on training safely in the sun

With temperatures topping 30 degrees this week we know that training outside is tougher than ever, but it’s not impossible. In fact training in the heat can be good for you as metabolism increases by 5%…you just need to be careful.

We asked nutrition and fitness supremo Matt Lovell for his top tips on how to train effectively and safely in the sun:

1. Stay hydrated. Front load your work out with one litre of water with electrolytes. Make sure the water is nice and cold.

2. Take on enough salts. When the heat goes up quickly we sweat out more more salt. Without it you can cramp up but always take it with fluids. Think cold water or melon from the fridge with some nice salty ham.

3. Eat plenty of water-rich foods such as salads, cold soups and vegetables. Add plenty of fruit and yoghurt to your Lizi’s High Protein granola. These contribute massively to your hydration levels over a day.

4. Cool down effectively. Use a fan to help evaporation or grab an iced towel to cool down your head. Stick your hands in cold water to help cool the system down.

5. Wear a sun hat if in direct sunlight and don’t forget to use (and reapply!) sunscreen!

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