Olympic hockey player Ellie Watton shares her pre-Rio training regime!

We were delighted watching our very own Lizi’s Lover, Ellie Watton, play hockey last night against New Zealand in Rio. Before heading out to South America, Ellie Watton contacted us to ask for samples of our new High Protein granola for her upcoming pre-Olympic Games training. It was great to see her on the field last night and delighted with the win! Go GB! Good luck for the final Ellie!

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“My name is Ellie Watton and I play hockey for Great Britain and England. We are now only two months away from the start of the Olympics and I am extremely excited about the prospect of being at the Rio Games. I have been training hard for the past three and a half years, but with only a short period of time between now and the first hockey match in Rio, I am doing everything I can to put my body in the best possible shape to perform in both training and competition to earn my place in the team.

Lizi’s high protein granola provides me with the protein that I need to help my muscles repair and recover post training, as well as the energy I need to perform at my best. One of my main pre-match meals is a bowl of Lizi’s high protein granola because it gives me that boost of energy I need for the game as well as the protein that I need to help my muscles recover ready to train hard again the next day.

Training in the run up to the Rio Olympic games is rather busy, with each day usually including a combination of weights training, running fitness and hockey practice. We have also been playing a lot of practice matches against other nations to get us tactically astute and prepared for the Olympics. With all of this training, it can sometimes be difficult to consume enough protein in my diet so I now eat Lizi’s high protein granola for breakfast, topped with a spoon full of yoghurt and fruit. Not only does it provide me with the protein I need for the day, but it also tastes great!

You can rest assured that there will be many packets of Lizi’s high protein granola in my suitcase on that plane to Rio.”




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