Lizi’s Granola Sponsors Chichester Netball League

Netball has come a long way since we were at school. The English Netball Team is going great guns and newspaper articles regularly extol its virtues reporting that nearly 160,000 women play part amateur matches every week across the country. This is partly due to Back To Netball – a brilliant scheme that aims to get girls and women back into the sport – 40,000 so far. Penny Cooper, a 63-year-old retired PE teacher, is passionate about playing herself as well as inspiring others to put on their bibs and get on the court. With no netball club in Selsey, she quickly set one up and a little later co-founded the Chichester Netball League – which Lizi’s Granola sponsors. 


“I was a PE teacher for 40 years and noticed that often women don’t get the chance to play competitive sport once they have a family. Sadly in busy family life it is the woman’s sport that goes first, and team sport first of all. Although mothers may go out jogging or running, playing in a team may be put on hold. This is such a shame, as playing a team sport can be so much fun.

“I have played all my life anything from Goal Attack and Centre to Goal Keeper. I played at Cambridge University and went on to represent my country for BUSA. But even I took a break from netball for ten years, to have my four children!

“Netball is more than just exercise. Learning how to compete and win and lose are life skills and team games are a really good opportunity to do that. It also gets rid of energy that can be destructive. Say you get cross or upset, then don’t throw a plate, throw a ball! Physically and emotionally it is good to be on a team.

“I moved to Sussex thinking there would be lots of activities like netball, but when I got here I discovered there was no club, no league – nothing! So I started one. This is the second season for the league and we are now seeing 10 teams take part – which is really exciting  a mixture of school and University teams to clubs made up of Mums and, in some cases, men who once loved netball and wanted to get back into it.

“We have been lucky enough to enjoy the benefit of sponsorship from Lizi’s Granola who we are extremely grateful to. They provide us with Lizi’s GoGo Granola to give us the right energy before and after a match  – it’s just perfect and really does the job! Their sponsorship also allows us to reward our winning teams with cups and trophies, but also, new for this Season, team of the month and player of the season.”


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