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Five Tips for a Meaningful Digital Detox | Lizi’s

5“Oh, I had the best four hours scrolling Facebook Thursday evening!” Sound familiar? No, we didn’t think so. What about: “Oh I went to the most amazing restaurant at the weekend!” or “You have to come and try paddle-boarding with me, it was so much fun!”. Now that’s more like it! Nowadays, we spend so much time scrolling news feeds, … Continue reading

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Eating your way to better health

The cold and dark winter weather often has us reaching for home comforts. Is there anything better than indulging ourselves in a warming, homecooked meal? We don’t think so! However, these comfort foods can leave us feeling lethargic, mentally unstimulated and a little bit sluggish. Our guide below offers tips and information so you can eat the foods that your … Continue reading

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