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‘This kitchen is for dancing’. There is a reason that people seem to congregate in the kitchen at family gatherings and annual parties.

They’re warm and full of nostalgic smells that bring back happy memories of baking, sleepy breakfasts and Sunday dinners. The kitchen is a room that is more than just for practicality; it is the heart of the home.

So why is it that we stick to the bare necessities in the kitchen, perhaps extending only to glass jars of pasta, novelty salt and pepper shakers or a much-coveted teapot to furnish the room? We think it’s time this high-traffic room was considered a priority and made to look and feel a whole lot better.

Indulge in the foods you love

Life is too short to not splash out on the foods you love occasionally.

Our advice is to take your time and enjoy the food you eat, savouring the experience. Buy fresh coffee and soak up the smell from the cafetiere. Opt for that fresh tiger loaf and smother in butter and homemade jam or natural honey. Choose the delicious granola; why not browse our selection here: Lizi’s Granola

Meals should be a part of your day that you look forward to, especially breakfast, which can set you up to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.

Let plants breathe life into the kitchen

It’s no secret that we are fond of a houseplant, and there is a place for greenery in the kitchen, too.

Whether you opt for statement pots on a worktop, want to make an impact with soft and trailing plants in an indoor hanging basket or choose a simple and elegant succulent on a shelf – it all adds to the space.

You can get creative with household items too, using them for pots. By mixing a cup of water-based paint with a teaspoon of baking soda, you can create a terracotta effect on anything!

Did you also know that houseplants can purity the air in the home, removing toxins? Read Our Perfect Purification Plants For Your Home to choose the plants with extra benefits.

Don’t forget cut flowers

Fresh flowers bring so much joy, don’t they? Flora and fauna trigger ‘happy’ chemicals dopamine and serotonin, making us feel content and tranquil, while their gentle scents create a relaxed atmosphere. In a room where cooking can get us feeling a little hot under the collar, a vase of fresh flowers is a welcomed relief.

Statement sunflowers are always stunning while delicate roses, lavender and stocks bring heady fragrances. Don’t underestimate how happy a vase of fresh flowers on the counter can make you in the morning while waiting for the kettle to boil.

Clear the clutter and make use of storage hacks

If your kitchen is lacking storage space, clever ideas such as wire shelf risers can give you extra shelving in cupboards. Using baskets and storage containers for dry good and store-cupboard essentials will keep your cupboards so much more organised.

Deep storage boxes also act as ‘drawers’ in cupboards and can be handy for providing a way to organise countertop produce like fruit. Separating vegetables like onions and potatoes can make them last longer, too.

There are baskets to suit all tastes, and ones that won’t look out of place of worktops, shelves or above cupboards. Cork, wicker or metal are all fabulous and can be used to store a variety of items. Cork and wicker are better for storing items like paper, keys and pens that wont necessarily have a home, while metal can be good for storing bottles and jars.

Don’t forget the space underneath a shelf. Add hooks for hanging mugs and utensils or glue the lids of spice jars underneath the shelf so that you can unscrew the jars when you need them.

Line up the frames

We tend to ignore the kitchen when it comes to displaying our favourite photos, posters and pieces of art, but there’s no reason your kitchen can’t play host to these items.

Decorate windowsills, put up shelves and fill bare walls with statement frames depicting your favourite people, places and quotes.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

A few accessories go a long way to personalising your space and taking the whole room up a gear.

Liven up the table with a runner and a tray filled with a candle, glass vase and other decorative pieces. Use pretty bottles (save that empty gin bottle!) as vases or candle holders. Or why not add a stack of cookery books under a fruit bowl?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to accessorising, but the golden rule is, ‘less is more’. Try arranging your items in groups of three for maximum effect with minimum effort!

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