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Good fat, naughty fat…is there such a thing?

Hello again, I hope you’ve been enjoying my short videos? This week we’re talking about fats – is there really such a thing as good and bad fats? Watch my video to find out the myths and truths around these fats and understanding that it’s the types of fats that feature in your diet that’s more important than the amount … Continue reading

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Nutritionist Fiona Campbell Explains Fructose!

For years people have seen fructose in a less than positive light, which was predominantly caused by a link in processed fructose found in ingredients such as corn syrup that was linked to rising obesity rates in the US. But fear not, fructose plays a key role in our diets and should not be shunned! In this latest video I … Continue reading

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Nutritionist Fiona Campbell debunks the myths around GL

Hello! I’m Fiona Campbell, Registered Nutritionist and correspondent for Sky News and BBC Radio Bristol, and I’ve spent many years explaining why eating whole natural food – and most importantly a good breakfast – is key to achieving the health and body you want. Whether you’re looking to whittle down your waistline or simply want to keep in great shape … Continue reading

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