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Matt’s High Protein Cookies!

As the consultant nutritionist to Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur i’m aware of the huge importance in making sure you are properly fuelled before and after exercise. Not only will it affect your output and how you perform, but it will also help your body to cope and recover. Protein helps stabilse glucose levels in the blood, it supports our … Continue reading

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There’s more to a footballer than fast feet & WAGS!

Ever wondered what it’s like to be an elite footballer playing in a European competition? Yes! So did we – and that’s exactly the question we asked our very own Matt Lovell…after all he should know given he’s an international football performance nutritionist and worked with some top clubs to boot! As Matt mentioned in his blog, last week, he’s … Continue reading

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Hello Football Fever!

  I’m a huge fan of Lizi’s Granola and was thrilled when they asked me to help launch their new High Protein granola. Giving you 27% of your daily protein needs per serving, it’s gotta be the right start to your day, particularly if you’re into fitness. It’s lower in sugar than any other granola – so it’s spot on … Continue reading

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The Big Battlefield Bike Ride

Eight years ago Nick Hilton took up cycling and since then has circumnavigated his home county of Cheshire and biked across Britain. But his latest challenge is also his biggest. Nick will be cycling 350 miles through Northern France and Belgium as part of Help for Heroes Big Battlefield Bike Ride –This year following the Western Front from the Great War, … Continue reading

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Real life picnics – the essentials

In my head a picnic involves a floaty skirt, a large straw hat, two gorgeous sunkissed kids and a large basket. As the picnic blanket I throw down billows in the summer breeze I smile beatifically at my offspring, in anticipation of the feast that awaits. Scotch eggs made by my own fair hands, cherry tomatoes from the allotment etc … Continue reading

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Pimp up your food!

Eating well is not always about cooking well. Sometimes it is just a case of buying the right things and customizing them. Adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that can transform even the most humdrum of store cupboard staples into something more special. Here are the Crumbs Sisters five favourite pimp up your food cheats. … Continue reading

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Low maintenance allotment tips

It took me six years to get an allotment (waiting lists top 150 000 nationally) and six back-breaking, knee-buckling days to clear it. It had been abandoned for some time (its owner had died) and was completely overgrown. There was rubble, beer cans and a dilapidated greenhouse. But I was determined to become an urban farmer. My sister, and fellow … Continue reading

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