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Iced Fruity Granola Tray Bake | Miranda Gore Browne

Missing your elevenses at your desk, craving cake with a latte and a friend or wanting to stop little hands finding their way into the snacks cupboard? This traybake is great for all times of the day. If you are trying to work and want something almost healthy to nibble or to give to your children then have a box … Continue reading

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Strawberry and Coconut Smoothie

Smoothies are the perfect way to start the day or top up a rumbling stomach throughout the day, and this smoothie is guaranteed to make you feel as though you’re having a deliciously sweet treat without any of the guilt!

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Cherry & Almond Smoothie Bowl

Not sure what a smoothie bowl is? Apart from delicious, imagine a fruit soup! Served in a bowl, it’s large surface area means that the smoothie can be filled with all sorts of healthy loveliness, from chia seeds to cocoa nibs.

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