The Obesity Increase

Therefore it should come as no surprise that as a nation we are becoming fatter and not gradually. We are getting fatter at an alarming rate, the figures show the percentage of the population classed as clinically obese has increased from 7% to over 23% in the last twenty years. This is probably the fastest change of any measured human parameter in history.

Making A Change

The Government and their nutritionists have not been unaware of this alarming trend and in order to stem the tide have exhorted the population to eat less fat; and miraculously the population have heeded their warnings. Figures show that the percentage of our energy intake in the form of fat has, in fact, fallen over the past 20 years. Despite this the UK Food Standards Agency still advise to “avoid fatty foods and eat plenty of starchy carbohydrates”.

Controlling Carbs

It is easy to understand why they recommend this, as they do not wish obesity figures to crawl up to the dizzying heights of where they were before. Weight-for-weight fat packs twice the calories of carbohydrates or protein. But the human animal has had millions of years
conditioning to eat while the going’s good - there might be a famine tomorrow, and if the calories are not there as fat, carbohydrates will do. What is needed is a strategy to control our self-destructive appetite.