Lizi's Ambassadors and Nutrition Experts

We know just how great we taste – so it’s always a pleasure to hear from other people who enjoy the great taste of Lizi’s on a daily basis. Here we want to share the Lizi’s Love with you – whether it be from our resident nutritionist Fiona Campbell (you may have seen her before on Sky News!) and Matt Lovell – he’s our elite sports nutritionist who can’t get enough of our new! High Protein granola. 

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Matt Lovell - Sports Nutritionist

Matt Lovell, an elite sports nutritionist who has worked with huge sporting names over the years advising them on diet and training regimes to optimise their performance and overall health.

Matt is a huge fan of Lizi’s Granola and was thrilled when we asked him to help launch our new High Protein granola. Matt particularly loves that it’s lower in sugar than any other granola – so it’s spot on and pretty darn tasty too!

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Fiona Campbell - Registered Nutritionist

Fiona Campbell, Registered Nutritionist and correspondent for Sky News and BBC Radio Bristol, has spent many years explaining why eating whole natural food – and most importantly a good breakfast – is key to achieving the health and body you want.

Whether you’re looking to whittle down your waistline or simply want to keep in great shape it is important to note the GL content in the food you consume. With so many misleading health claims out there people get confused about what is actually good for them. So Fiona is here to help you with the latest hot topics in nutrition with her expert insight and debunking the myths surrounding the latest major health trends.

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Our Olympic Ambassadors

Lizi's Granola is a firm favourite with sportsmen and women worldwide. We are often contacted by competitors who want to tell us how much they love Lizi's and how it helps them keep a competitive edge in their diet. We are pleased to introduce two of Olympians and find out how Lizi's improves their performance.

Louisa Gurski

Louisa is a London 2012 Olympic Games finalist who competes in Sprint Kayaker for Great Britain and is currently competing in this years 2016 Rio Olympics. Have a read of the blog post below and find out why incorporating Lizi’s high protein granola into her diet helps her compete!

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Ellie Watton

Field hockey player Ellie is currently competing in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Here she exclusively tells us why she loves starting her day off with a bowl of Lizi’s as it’s slow release energy keeps her mind and body fuelled throughout the day.

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