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Fitness Trends to Try This Autumn | Lizi’s

Posted: 2 November 2020

Have you jumped back into your fitness regime post-lockdown? Many of us were thrilled when gyms and sports places reopened and we were able to reconnect with friends and get those endorphins flowing. Autumn is a great time to try new activities to keep you active as routines settle back to normal and we start to spend more time in our homes as the evenings draw in.

We’ve put together a list of activities that we’re loving this autumn, so grab your Sweaty Bettys and Chilli Bottles, choose one that takes your fancy, and feel a whole lot better as we say goodbye to summer

Fitness Trends to Try This Autumn | Lizi’s

Mindful Workouts

Many gyms and fitness studios are now incorporating mindfulness practices into their workouts.

These classes are designed to improve mental resilience, productivity, and focus, with the length of the classes suited to each outcome. For instance, shorter, more intense classes aim to boost productivity, and longer sessions teach techniques to improve focus.

Exercise such as boxing requires you to focus 100% on your form and movement, as well as hone reactions and reflexes, sharpening up mental focus and awareness too.

One way to incorporate mindfulness into workouts is to set intentions at the beginning of your exercise session and take time to acknowledge how your body feels throughout your workout. Be deliberate in your movement and identify how each muscle is reacting. Once you have finished, spend time slowing your heart rate through considered breathing and stretching each muscle group at a time, relaxing into the stretch.

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The early autumnal weather provides the perfect environment for a hike in the great outdoors! The cooler air makes it more comfortable, while the changing colours of the British countryside offer stunning views. The new season also means fewer bugs on your route – always a bonus!

Walking is one of the best cardio exercises that you can do, and hiking is excellent for working larger leg muscles and improving bone strength, too. Hiking can help to increase your cardio endurance and stamina, and walking at an incline raises your heart rate, improving heart health. As you hike, you will be working multiple muscles like glutes, quads, calves and core. What’s more, the great outdoors does wonders for mental health and wellbeing and can help improve sleep quality, too.

This fantastic tool by National Trail provides information on hiking routes across the UK based on your preferred locations, distance and difficulty rating – enjoy!

Kayaking or canoeing 

Another great outdoor workout that can be continued in early Autumn (or late Autumn if you are brave!) is kayaking or canoeing.

Kayaking works all the major muscle groups but targets the core and upper body. As it raises your heart rate, kayaking is a great cardio workout while water resistance means it is also classed as a form of resistance training.

Kayaking is a low-impact exercise. You are sitting, meaning no jolting to the knees or ankles, which makes it more accessible to many people, and particularly those who can’t take part in running or other high-impact cardio workouts.

Perfect for beginners, people often start by kayaking in lakes and progressing up to fast-flowing rivers and sea kayaking as their strength and endurance improves.

A quick Google of ‘canoeing and kayaking near me’ will bring up plenty of local options and again, the fresh air adds extra benefits above and beyond those physiological perks.

Outdoor Bootcamp

Group exercise will be sure to bring out your competitive streak. Plus, the extra benefit of a Bootcamp is that a trainer and fitness expert programmes the class, varying it each week and keeping it engaging.

This means the exercises are designed to be the most impactful, getting the most out of the time you are there. It also means that you will be pushed harder than you would push yourself, getting the maximum reward for your efforts.

Bootcamps incorporate various fitness styles including HIIT, resistance training, strength training and bodyweight exercises for a full body workout in the great outdoors. Set times and locations mean that you’re more likely to stick with it and incorporate into your everyday routine.

To stay even more committed to your autumn exercising recruit a training partner or two and hold each other to account. Use your exercise sessions as an opportunity to catch up with them, too. Remember to eat well and stay hydrated to give your body all the energy it needs to exercise. At Lizi’s, we believe this starts with breakfast!

Do you have any other ideas when it comes to Autumn fitness? If so, we would love you to share them on our social channels.

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