New Year Preparations

While you’re getting carried away with the Christmas season festivities, it can be difficult to look ahead to the new year. January is infamous for being a ‘new year, new me’ time of the year in which people confidently claim that this is the year they’re going to get into shape. The truth is, not many people can commit to … Continue reading

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New Year Granola

Lizi’s Granola Sponsors Chichester Netball League

Netball has come a long way since we were at school. The English Netball Team is going great guns and newspaper articles regularly extol its virtues reporting that nearly 160,000 women play part amateur matches every week across the country. This is partly due to Back To Netball – a brilliant scheme that aims to get girls and women back into the … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Georgie Hermitage

Georgie Hermitage is a keen sports enthusiast who joined Guildford and Godalming Athletics Club when she was at school despite being diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Georgie is a parasport athlete competing in T37 sprint events taking home the gold medal for the 400m and 100m sprint at this years Rio 2016 Paralympics. Here at Lizi’s Granola, we were able to … Continue reading

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Guest Blog Post – Ellie Watton

The past few months since winning Gold in Rio have been a whirlwind for us GB hockey girls. The Rio Olympic experience was unforgettable, but since returning home the media activity and interest in hockey has been phenomenal. We hope that our Olympic gold medal will continue to improve the profile of women’s sport in the UK and that women … Continue reading

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Granola Cheesecake

Sweet treats don’t have to be laden with sugar and fat! This decadently creamy cheesecake recipe is perfect for indulging in and is packed full of protein rich ingredients and a large helping of Lizi’s original granola.

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High Protein Breakfast Bircher

Start your morning off the right way with a delicious bowl of this simply delicious breakfast bircher! Fresh fruit combines with crunchy high protein granola to create a nutritious breakfast that will keep your tummy full until lunch. Prepared the night before this breakfast option is both time saving and nutritious and is packed full of wholesome, feel good ingredients.

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Strawberry and Coconut Smoothie

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High Protein Flapjack

Make sure you up your lunchbox game by whipping up a batch of these positively scrumptious flapjacks! Whether you’re munching one of these for breakfast, after the gym or packing them up for the kids to snack on, this delicious recipe is full of wholesome ingredients that your stomach will love you for.

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Good fat, naughty fat…is there such a thing?

Hello again, I hope you’ve been enjoying my short videos? This week we’re talking about fats – is there really such a thing as good and bad fats? Watch my video to find out the myths and truths around these fats and understanding that it’s the types of fats that feature in your diet that’s more important than the amount … Continue reading

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Nutritionist Fiona Campbell Explains Fructose!

For years people have seen fructose in a less than positive light, which was predominantly caused by a link in processed fructose found in ingredients such as corn syrup that was linked to rising obesity rates in the US. But fear not, fructose plays a key role in our diets and should not be shunned! In this latest video I … Continue reading

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