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Perfect picnic ideas to enjoy this Summer

Posted: 21 July 2021

Perfect picnic ideas to enjoy this Summer

The baskets are thatched, the Prosecco is chilled, the dates are in the diary and it’s officially picnic season. Who’s excited? We certainly are.  

 Whilst the picnic is a timeless British activity, we could all do with some inspiration on what exactly to put into those gorgeous picnic baskets. Especially if you’re going to be making the most of this picnic season, it’s good to encourage some variation. So, let’s get started…  

A picnic with friends or family 

What better way to encourage the family outdoors or catch-up with friends than over one of the very best quintessential summertime activities? 

If you’re thinking of venturing further than the garden to find that perfect picnic spot, you’ll need that beautiful basket or hamper. Or, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous and want to combine your picnic with some exercise – a walk or bike ride – a handy backpack is a must. 

There are some amazing products on the market, we’d recommend something like this stylish VonShef 4 Person Green Adventure Backpack – which is complete with zipped compartments, a netted bag to keep the melamine plates and cutting board secure in transit, a fabric cutlery wrap, and super handy elasticated placeholders for the glasses, shakers and bottle opener. 

It also includes a gorgeous olive green picnic blanket which will look great background on all the photos you’re going to want to take to record this magical al fresco moment!

Now, we’ve got all the important logistics and aesthetics sorted, let’s think about the main event – the food and drink.  

First, we need to pack the essentials and by essentials we’re thinking: 

  • Lean meats 
  • Olives 
  • Breadsticks 
  • Hummus  
  • Carrots  
  • Cheese & Crackers 
  • Pâté 
  • Sea Salted Crisps  
  • Fruit Salad  
  • Dark chocolate 
  • Shortbread 
  • Sparkling Water 
  • Prosecco  

We’re sure you’ll agree that all picnics need a show stopper – we’re turning the picnic staple – the humble sandwich – into something a little more special. 

A sandwich improves as it sits, so make it the night before your picnic or in the early morning. We’re opting for tomato, basil, artichoke, a light spread of mayonnaise and pesto tucked inside two slices of seeded wholemeal bread. Scrumptious and packed with plenty of goodness, we’re getting peckish just thinking about it! 

Why not dial up your favourite sandwich combination to add a little extra something to your picnic spread? Everyone loves a sandwich, they’re not only practical for a picnic, easy to create, there are so many filling options – so add your own personal twist for that special al fresco experience, whether it’s creating the family’s personal favourites or something a little different for friends. 

 Date night: picnic edition

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a sunset picnic immersed in the British countryside complemented by all your favourite foodie delights. Perhaps it’s an occasion or an excuse to get time away from the home – either way, this shouldn’t be a grab and go affair.  

It’s time to dust off your luxury picnic hamper and your favourite Fortnum and Masons blanket and prep your Salty Peanut Banana Pudding – if you haven’t already discovered this indulgent Country Living recipe you’re going to love it (can’t resist sharing it with you here.). Once the pudding is ready, how about including a few of these delicious items for the perfect romantic sunset picnic……  

  • Pasta salad with pesto and prawns 
  • Sea salt and crushed black peppercorn crisps  
  • A French baguette 
  • Truffle & parmesan butter  
  • Sesame sausage rolls 
  • Parma ham 
  • Salami  
  • Dragon fruit 
  • Frozen grapes 
  • Chocolate covered strawberries  
  • A bottle (or two, if you’re not driving) of your favourite chilled wine 

A picnic with the children

Get your cooler bags at the ready as we have plenty of ideas for the perfect child-friendly picnic.  

Speaking of cooler bags, we all know that Cath Kidston is the queen of them. If you haven’t already treated yourself to a new picnic bag, we absolutely think you deserve the stunning Cherry Cool Bag – and it’d be rude not to get the matching blanket too. Trust us, it’s a long-term investment you’ll be delighted you made. 

Here are our favourite family picnic staples with a few treats thrown in too….  

  • Egg and cress sandwiches  
  • Pork and cranberry sausage rolls 
  • Traditional scotch eggs  
  • Scones with cream and jam  
  • Peaches, apples and strawberries 
  • Rice crispy cakes  
  • Juice boxes  
  • Cloudy lemonade 
  • Elderflower pressed

Add a little something special to your picnic spread by making some of our scrumptious granola and banana flapjacks the night before. If you haven’t tried them already, we know you’re going to love them, as will the kids! 

Talking of the younger ones, be sure to make room for extra water, sun cream, and sunhats – as we’re sure the children will be running off all their picnic excesses with plenty of exercise, exploring your chosen picnic spot. After all, that’s what a picnic is all about – food, drink, sunshine, the great outdoors, all served up with a generous helping of fun and laughter!   

We hope you have a summer full of truly memorable picnics uplifted by an abundance of love in the form of all your favourite people, food and drinks. Be sure to share your own ideas with us and tag @lizis_official in your picnic pictures on Instagram! 

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