Our commitment to ‘a whole lot better’ doesn’t start and end with our cereals; it extends to our company ethos, operations, processes and of course, the impact that Lizi’s has on the environment. We are constantly working on new ways to be a more sustainable business – this includes our packaging.

We dedicated a lot of time to testing different materials to ensure your cereal gets to you in perfect condition and we are proud to say that Lizi’s packaging is 100% recyclable.

It’s still the same resealable pouch you love, maintaining the high-quality crunch and taste of our granola and muesli products. What’s more is that our new packaging means we will save 5.3 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic entering the waste system each year.

Belgian Chocolate Granola in hessian bag

How can Lizi’s packaging be recycled?

In the UK, our pouches can be recycled with carrier bags at dedicated recycling bins. These can usually be found at the front of stores and supermarkets.

If you are outside of the UK, find out how to recycle your packs in your location, below.

Country How to recycle
Cyprus Recycle in store
Estonia Accepted in household recycling
France Not currently recycled
Germany Accepted in household recycling
Hong Kong Not currently recycled
Ireland Check with your local authority
Latvia Accepted in household recycling
Lithuania Accepted in household recycling
Malta Accepted in household recycling
Philippines Not currently recycled
Singapore Accepted in household recycling
Slovenia Check with your local authority
Sweden Accepted in household recycling

As our recyclable packs are still brand new, it may take a while for them to get to you. Please check the back of your pack and look for a green circle which will tell you how to recycle it, if you can’t see this you may have an older pack which should be disposed in general waste.

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We are proud to regularly donate product to those most in need including food banks and charities.

Throughout 2020 we have donated nearly 45,000 portion bags of our muesli and granola to those directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic including numerous NHS trusts.

If you know a charity, local foodbank or NHS trust that you think would benefit from product donations please contact