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Whatever your tastes or lifestyle, Lizi’s offers a wide range of tasty, premium-quality granola that will have your breakfast bowl brimming with wholesome natural ingredients. From indulgent flavours to nutritious options to support your lifestyle, discover our range and find something you love.

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30122 Granola Original Cutout Bowl
53581 Granola Organic Cutout Bowl
55896 Granola High Protein Cutout Bowl
55892 Granola GF Cutout Bowl

Our Super Muesli

Super Muesli has our signature blend of toasted and untoasted oats to provide a delicious crunch. Fortified with vitamins and minerals and bursting with tasty ingredients, there is a Super Muesli to suit your mood, and give you the start to the day that means you grab every opportunity that comes your way.

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55054 Muesli Cleanse Cutout Bowl
55061 Muesli Focus Cutout Bowl
55057 Muesli Glow Cutout Bowl
55056 Muesli Boost Cutout Bowl

At Lizi’s, we’re passionate about breakfast. This means we source the most delicious and nutritious, premium ingredients to help you feel a whole lot better.

All our products are lovingly created and crafted with you in mind. From the combination of naturally tasty ingredients, the crunch of our signature blend of high-fibre toasted oats, seeds and nuts rolled in vegan-friendly natural nectars like maple syrup, agave syrup and black treacle, to our specialist nutritional options. Our range of granola will make your breakfast an experience to look forward to, every day.

Lizis Super Muesli Lizis Super Muesli

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