All living things use glucose to carry energy around the body, and the pancreas controls and regulates the amount of glucose in the bloodstream. If someone is diagnosed with diabetes, it is because this pancreatic control has broken down. Too much glucose released into the bloodstream results in hyper-glycemia, too little results in hypo-glycemia.

Lizi’s products have been GL tested, and are proven to keep you fuller for longer. For more in-depth information and scientific explanation of how we test and measure for this, visit this page.

Lizi’s Original Granola has a glycaemic load measurement of 5.5g per 50g serving. A low glycemic load is classed as below ten, medium between 11 and 19, and anything above 20 is classed as having a high glycemic load. It’s strongly recommended to keep your daily glycemic load under 100.

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A dose of healthy fats

Nuts and seeds found in Lizi’s products provide your body with essential fats. Although providing almost twice as many calories gram-for-gram as protein or carbohydrates (nine calories per gram of fat, compared to just five per gram of protein or carbs) unsaturated fats from these natural, nutritional foods help promote a healthy physique, as well as healthy skin.

Ultimately, ensuring the your calorie count does not exceed your daily requirements to maintain your weight (or lose weight, if that is your goal) then healthy fats can add a range of nutritional benefits to your diet – and Lizi’s wide range of products are a great place to start.

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The facts behind fructose

Glucose and fructose are types of sugar that occur naturally in plants. Grape juice is almost totally glucose, whilst agave syrup is almost totally fructose. Honey is a mixture of fructose and glucose.

Unlike glucose, fructose causes a low rise in blood sugar levels. Due to Lizi’s extensive research and development into healthier, tasty cereals, the amount of fructose found in a serving of Lizi’s is the equivalent of just half an apple, with no compromise on taste.

That’s how we’re helping you feel A Whole Lot Better.