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      Our Original granola is still a popular Lizi’s product. From early beginnings, hand-made in a country farmhouse kitchen by founders Dr Mick and Lizi Shaw, to being poured into bowls all over the world, we have since expanded the range to 12 lovingly made granola cereals. We still use the same recipe that Lizi and Mick Shaw developed.

      Lizi’s granola range now includes High Protein, Digestive Health, Organic, Gluten Free and Low Sugar varieties, alongside indulgent flavours like Belgian Chocolate, Passion Fruit and Pistachio and Mango and Macadamia to name a few!

      You can shop the range of Lizi’s granola, here

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      Super Muesli

      Muesli is back in a big way. If you are looking for a low-sugar, high-fibre muesli, fortified with added vitamins and minerals to make you feel a whole lot better, then our Super Muesli range is just the cereal for you!

      There are four delicious Super Muesli blends to choose from, each offering a carefully selected range of ingredients to deliver tailored benefits.

      You can read all about the Glow, Focus, Boost and Cleanse varieties here in this article on our blog: Introducing Super Muesli.

      Or, if you have heard all you need to, and are ready to shop the range, you can do that here.

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      Children’s Granola

      Let’s not forget the little ones – they need fuelling too! Our children’s Adventurers range of Granola Crispies can be enjoyed in two flavours.

      Our Adventurers range is high in flavour and fibre and low in sugar. This means that children can’t wait to reach for them first thing, and parents are safe in the knowledge they will be sustained until lunchtime, being able to focus on all of their morning activities – without the dreaded sugar crash.

      Our Adventurers Granola is also free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

      Shop our children’s Adventurers range here.