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How to properly taste chocolate

Posted: 30 August 2022

We all love chocolate, it’s one of life’s great treats. But do you really know how to eat it to properly experience all the natural taste notes you could be experiencing?

How to properly taste chocolate

Much like fine wine, great chocolate should have flavour notes that wash over you in waves of pure pleasure. It’s the ultimate in mindful eating. Ahead of International Chocolate Day on September 13th, we want to show you how to enjoy chocolate like the experts.

First you must start with the best. We recommend Firetree Chocolate. They source their cocoa beans from remote, volcanic islands in the South Seas and Oceania – using some of the rarest beans in the world. They also pay their cocoa farmers 2-3 times the going rate, making cocoa a sustainable living for them. What’s more, their chocolate actually tastes delicious, with the whole core range picking up Great Taste Awards last year.

Why volcanic islands, you ask? Well, they believe that just like wine, the terroir of the cocoa beans help to impart complex flavour notes into the chocolate itself. Think caramel, cherry, walnut and even truffle, based solely on where the cocoa beans are grown and their expert Chocolate Maker, who teases out these natural taste notes with no need for any flavourings or additives.

Even if you’re not a dark chocolate lover, we’d recommend you try their chocolate as Firetree are renowned for their chocolate not having any bitterness or claggyness that most dark chocolates possess. It really is like nothing you have ever tried.

Now you have the chocolate, it’s time to sit back and experience chocolate like never before using these 4 easy steps:

SNAP off a square and breathe in the bouquet. Can you sense the different aromas?

PLACE the chocolate on your tongue, don’t chew, let it melt and slowly release its flavours.

SAVOUR the smooth texture and flavours, some grow in intensity and others emerge.

RELISH the finish. Great chocolate has what fine wine tasters call a long finish.

Why not add a grated or chopped square of Firetree Chocolate to your next bowl of Lizi’s granola or muesli? Their best-selling Solomon Island, Guadalcanal 100% cocoa bar is a pure cocoa hit to kick start the day whilst also see off any chocolate cravings. The bonus is that it contains no added sugar for the feel-good factor. It’s rare that something as delicious can also be better for you…

Time to try your newly found chocolate tasting skill on Firetree Chocolate. Click here to discover their 100% vegan collection and receive a free Taster bar from their NEW Coffee Collection with every order over £20. Simply input offer code ‘LIZISBAR’ at checkout before September 30th 2022 at midnight.

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