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The kind words that made us feel a whole lot better

Posted: 10 March 2021

17th February marked Random Acts of Kindness Day 2021. This annual tradition of celebrating kindness was perhaps more important this year than most, with the ongoing lockdown keeping families physically separated, Random Acts of Kindness Day presented an opportunity to remind us all that our nearest and dearest are incredibly important, so why not share how grateful we are for them? 

We ran a competition on our social channels that let Lizi’s fans nominate loved ones to win some of our granola and share how kindness had positively impacted their lives. 

The Mental Health Foundation has reported that studies show that acts of kindness are linked to an increased feeling of wellbeing for the recipient, improving self-esteem and neurological changes linked to happiness. It isn’t just the recipient that experiences positive emotions from an act of kindness either – those who are carrying out these acts experience a rush of dopamine and endorphins, leading to what is known as ‘the helper’s high’. 

Further to this, research from Harvard Business School has also found that kindness strengthens social relationships and social connectivity – leading to closer and more supportive social networks and communities.   

The comments left on our social pages by those who wanted to let their friends and family know how special they are, were truly heart-warming! Acts of kindness shouldn’t be limited to one day a year, so have a read of the comments below for some feelgood inspiration. 


The kind words that made us feel a whole lot better


“My mum never puts herself first and has been a huge help and support throughout my chemotherapy treatment even though I’m now 29. She was always there every step of the way – I’d love to surprise her.” 

“My friend has shown amazing kindness over the last year. She is one of the best colleagues I could ask for. She brings fun and giggles to work every day.” 

 ”My sister - she’s there for me through the good and the bad, and the first person I call to talk to about anything and everything. She’s my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without her. “

 ”She always sees the bright side of life despite challenges she’s had over the years. I couldn’t run my business without her help, even though she works elsewhere full time she always finds time for her mum. Her smile is amazing and lights up any room.”

 ”I’d love to nominate my beautiful daughter Hayley. Working from home now for almost a year from her bedroom. She has kept the company going that she works for whilst most of the rest of the staff have been furloughed or let go. She never complains and does her normal working hours upstairs with just a short lunch break. I’m so proud of her right now. She always has a tasty breakfast and that’s what keeps her going all day long.”

 ”I would without a doubt nominate my mother. She’s a professional nurse, she’s been there for so many even though last year was a year like no other we have made sure to check in on each other. She has shown me love and kindness. I admire her for her strength, resilience loyalty, love, kindness and work ethic … so I would like to spoil her with this random act of kindness.”  

“ I am nominating my friend Anthea. She is the most kind and caring person I know and will do anything to help her friends and family even when she is exhausted. She works so hard at the moment as a solicitor dealing with the wills, you can imagine how busy they are right now! I am lucky enough to have had her as my friend for most of my life and she has helped me through so many things. I would love to win her this. “

 ”My husband Bill. Because he has been wonderful through lockdown going along with my ideas to stop us getting bored – like doing our daily keep fit video on the patio when the sun shines.” 

 ”My friend Sofi for just being incredible at everything and smashing life, even though it’s been so bloody tough for her xx” 

 ”My nominee is 160 miles away but been a voice of joy and optimism & she’s baked for neighbours popping scones & cakes in boxes on doorsteps as a cheer up treat on Sunday mornings.”  

  “My wonderful son Reece working long hours and weekends in his local hospital as a doctor. He’s had the toughest year of his life. I’m so proud of him right now.”

 ”My mum deserves such a massive thank you that it should be a full-on rib-squishing hug of a thing. She just keeps giving and giving of herself & has endless patience & so much good humour. She loves a nutty granola every morning. Please let her feel a bit more love in return.”

 ”I nominate this person for pushing me to be the best version of myself and helping me pursue talents I didn’t even know I had.” 

 ”I nominate my lovely mum. She definitely deserves a treat for all of her hard work & dedication to her residents throughout the pandemic. She’s the most kind, caring soul without even realising, she truly has a heart of gold!”

“I nominate my amazing daughter, for continuing to be an outstanding teacher and going above and beyond for her class even in the current circumstances.”


We loved hearing these stories and will be running more opportunities throughout the year, be sure to follow our social pages for the next one! 

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