Meal Planning With GL In Mind

The thinking is that if you eat a meal with a GL of 20g or less, it will have a small effect on blood sugar levels. So eating 3 meals a day of no more than a GL total of 20g and allowing a GL of 10g twice a day for snacks, your daily total GL will be 80g. Prof Jenny Brand-Miller from The University of Sydney, says this “low” daily glycemic load will bring your blood sugar under control.

What you can do with GL, which you can’t with GI, is add up the GL contribution from each ingredient to get the total GL of the meal. As a result, a typical breakfast can be added up like this:

So in order to keep your blood level stable and say goodbye to those mood swings, hunger pangs, excess weight and afternoon lulls start counting the GL of food and make healthy living as easy as 1… 2… 3!