High Protein Cereal

Breakfast is often thought of as the most important meal of the day. This is a statement we stand by! Whether you live an active lifestyle, have a busy day ahead of you, you have health goals you are striving to achieve, or a workout planned – our high protein granola is a great way to make your mornings a whole lot better.  

We believe that functional cereals shouldn’t lack in taste or luxury ingredients and that’s why all our granola and muesli are delicious, nutritious, and wholesome, making for the perfect breakfast, pre-workout or post-workout snack.  

Favoured by personal trainers, fitness fanatics, yogi’s and influencers, a 50g portion of our High Protein Granola contains 13.5g of protein, as well as 22g of carbohydrate to fuel your workout and 3.4g of fibre 

You can take a look at all the nutritional values here: High Protein Granola. 

Make your day a whole lot better with high protein

An easy source of protein 

Whether it’s a meal planned around exercise, a quick bite throughout the day, or trying to meet your macro’s in the evening, our high-protein cereal is the perfect choice, for everyone.  

At 6g of sugar per 50g serving and made with soya protein flakes and crispies, it’s 100% plant-based and lower in sugar than you might expect.  

Of course, our High Protein granola contains the natural oat flakes, seeds and nuts that gives it the Lizi’s crunch.  

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Wake up to a proteinfilled breakfast 

An essential part of our diet, protein helps the body to increase its glycogen storage, aids post-workout recovery and promotes muscle growth through providing the amino acids required to build and repair muscle tissue. It also plays an important role in the synthesis of hormones and enzymes.  

Having a high-protein breakfast not only replenishes the sources that have been absorbed by the digestive system overnight, but it keeps you feeling fuller for longer, giving you the energy to go about your day whatever may await you!  

Our High Protein Granola goes that extra bit further to keep you feeling full. Classed as ‘low’ on the Glycaemic Load index, it won’t send your blood glucose levels soaring either, making you feel a whole lot better, for longer.  


Lizi’s High Protein granola is perfect for those who live active lifestyles. Suitable for people following a plant-based lifestyle, vegetable protein is paired with our signature toasted oats, walnuts, almonds, and pumpkins seeds. This cereal gives you a high-fibre, high-protein start to your day.

High Protein Nuts and Seeds Granola

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