Our Response to Coronavirus

In these unprecedented and challenging times, we extend our sympathies to those that have been directly affected by the Coronavirus and we want to thank those that are working on the frontline within our NHS and treating those affected.

We’ve been proud to donate nearly 20,000 portion bags of our granola to our NHS heroes and also to Fareshare to help those who are struggling at home. 

A large proportion of our bags have been sent to the NHS that will be used for:

  • NHS staff working in stations and control rooms
  • NHS staff who are self-isolating and in need of care packages
  • NHS staff who are infected and in self isolation at home
  • Stock for the Nightingale Hospital that has set up at the Excel Centre

Substantial numbers have also gone to FareShare, the UK's largest charity fighting hunger and food waste, to help families who are struggling financially through this time. 

At Lizi’s we know that it’s our responsibility to make and supply as much of our granola and Super Muesli as we can during these times. We are experiencing a massive increase in demand at the moment and are doing our best to produce as much as we can for you to buy online and in store. Our factories are continuing to work 24 hours and we are thankful to our hard working teams for their dedication and efforts during this time.

Despite our best efforts however, with challenging times and increased demands, this may result in delays along the way. Please bear with us. We, our fulfillment and courier partners are working around the clock to ensure this is as small a delay as possible and rest assured, you will get your orders and we will continue to replenish stock. However we do ask our customers to be considerate when making your order – we’d ask no more than ten bags per flavour per order to ensure all who need it, get our products.

Unfortunately we are unable to contact customers individually regarding the stock status of individual products. If you are concerned or have any questions regarding the status of your order please contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are so proud of the team we have around us, they are rising to the new daily challenges that this outbreak creates and we are convinced that together we will come through this stronger and a whole lot better!

Thank you very much for understanding and take good care.

Lizi’s x

The Lizi's Story

In 2003, founders Dr Mick Shaw and his wife Lizi created Lizi's Granola. Equipped with all the ingredients for healthy living, these true foodies also have a sound background in organic farming and science. Combining their lifelong love of food with their experience in farming, food, and science, the pair began their mission promote the sense of wellbeing induced by eating good food, without creating the artificial blood sugar fluctuations produced by so many convenience foods.

Reading as much as they could about the role of carbohydrates in food, they soon deduced from the latest scientific research papers that the Glycemic Load (GL), which is a direct measure of how food affects blood sugar, was the most important thing to measure in their new granola products. Lizi’s therefore became the first company in the world to measure the GL load of their products. Together with their insistence on using natural ingredients, Lizi’s customers can be confident in the health credentials of their granola.

Our Granola

All our products supply wholesome food that deliver sustained energy and protein throughout the day.

All our products are GL tested to give you confidence not only on the nutritional benefits but also the effect on your body.

With continual development we have launched Granola in convenience packs to help with busy lifestyles but always with a conscience that has driven us to develop varieties such as our low sugar.

All Lizi’s Granolas are:

  • 100% Natural Ingredietnts
  • No GMO’s
  • No added salt
  • Dairy-free, wheat-free recipes*
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (no honey)
  • Low glycaemic – GL labelled – good for blood sugar control


(* with the exception of On-the-Go which includes lactose free milk powder)

Our Commitment to Recycling

At Lizi’s, we pride ourselves on making high quality produce using only the best of ingredients. We take every pleasure in creating the perfect cereal and believe it should taste just as good for you, as it did for us, the first time we perfected each recipe.

This is the main reason that currently our packaging is non-recyclable, but we are working hard right now to find a suitable alternative that is right for the environment, whilst also maintaining the high quality crunch and taste of our products.

We promise to have a solution within the next 12 months, if not sooner…

To receive further updates about our recycling journey, follow us on our social channels where we will post news as we have it.