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Five Tips for a Meaningful Digital Detox | Lizi’s

Posted: 14 February 2020

Five Tips for a Meaningful Digital Detox | Lizi’s


5“Oh, I had the best four hours scrolling Facebook Thursday evening!”

Sound familiar? No, we didn’t think so.

What about: “Oh I went to the most amazing restaurant at the weekend!” or “You have to come and try paddle-boarding with me, it was so much fun!”.

Now that’s more like it!

Nowadays, we spend so much time scrolling news feeds, counting likes, trying to be seen, that we forget to really see for ourselves. We know that social media is here to stay – and we’re all for it! But here at Lizi’s we truly believe in moderation, and we know the benefits of some good, old-fashioned phone-free time. So, to help kick-start yours, here are some tips for a meaningful digital detox.

Board game night

Engage your mind and have fun at the same time! A games night can bring some fun to a night in, and there’s absolutely no reason to have your phone in arm’s reach. The whole family can get involved too, which makes it ideal for an adults’ night in, or a chance to catch up with friends without having to arrange a babysitter.

Board games are the perfect choice for teaming up for a bit of friendly competition. Some of our favourites are Code Names, Cluedo (a classic!) and Sequence. These require strategic thinking, to keep you switched on well into the evening. Add in a cheese board, some vintage red wine and a relaxing background soundtrack you’re set for a night of re-engaging, catch ups and a genuinely meaningful time with your closest friends and family.

Table-top games inject some fun, energy and plenty of laughs into your evening! Perfect for the whole family, these high-energy games will have everyone thinking on their feet. Try out Articulate or Dip Sticks for some quick-fire descriptive challenges, and Anomia is great for those with fast reactions! And obviously, there is always the firm favourite ‘Who Am I?’ – where all you need is some sticky tape and post-it notes to get everyone talking. The one and only rule of games night: leave your phones at the door!

Get active!

Obvious, right? So why do so many of us get it so wrong! Headphones and your go-to Spotify Workout playlist are almost must-haves when you hit the gym floor. And with that comes an overwhelming desire to jump on your phone at any opportunity to check your likes, comments or emails, whether you’re between sets of the leg press, or waiting for your spin class to start.

So, we want you to get out of the gym and find a sport, exercise or activity where you can leave your phone behind. Pair up with a friend for a long-trail bike ride, complete with picnic. Or book your first-ever horse-riding lesson, go paddle-boarding or kayaking, rock climbing, golfing – the list is endless.

Not only will these exercises help build strength and stamina, whilst giving your heart a good workout, they will also release all the lovely endorphins associated with a positive feeling in the body to leave you feeling happy and healthy.  Just remember – leave your phones in the car or, better still, at home.  

After a long day of being active, refuel with Lizi’s – choose your favourite here.

Explore your local restaurant scene

Had your eye on a new restaurant in town? Or can’t remember the last time you and your partner went out for food? This is a great opportunity for a digital-free night out!

A meal out is the perfect time to reconnect, have some meaningful conversation, and enjoy some good food. And you can add different elements to your evening – why not enjoy a pre-dinner tipple and bar snacks at one location (we’re thinking delicious Mediterranean-style meze of olives, sundried tomatoes and mozzarella) before heading on for your main meal of the evening.

There are so many glorious cuisines to try in the UK’s cities, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And we think you’ll feel almost liberated that you can’t take a photo of your gorgeous sea food spaghetti!

And why would you need your phone? Pre-book a table before you head out. For the journey home, bars, pubs and restaurants will be more than happy to book you a taxi for a specified time. Or make like a true New Yorker and hail one as it passes. Have a phone-free night out with friends or family once a month. We’re sure you’ll really start to notice just how valuable and more enjoyable your human interactions are over scrolling your news feed.

Do Insta-worthy activities – in real life!


Dynamic waterfalls, golden beaches, perfect puppies, wonderful workouts, cute cafes and beautiful stately homes. The list goes on. The locations and activities that capture the Instagram world’s attention is endless. But where’s the enjoyment in seeing them flash past your newsfeed, seemingly a distant dream or possibility.

As humans, we’re happiest when all our senses are ignited by the wonderful world around us. So why not take some time to research your local area, and make a list of day trips, and long-weekend trips, across the UK.

The National Trust website is a great place to start, with 500 stunning places to visit that really capture the heart of Britain. And with annual individual or join membership available, you get free entry and free parking at all their sites! No phone, no photos – just you, your friends and family, and the beautiful countryside we get to call home.

If spending time with a four-legged friend is right up your street, then a rescue centre could be the perfect place to escape your digital overload. Why not get in touch with local, independent centres, who rely heavily on the time and resources donated by others.  Exmoor, Snowdonia, the Lake District, the Peak District, Cornwall, Lock Lomond – these breath-taking areas across the country are totally Insta-worthy, but we want you to enjoy them first-hand, not from behind the lens of your phone’s camera!

Buy an alarm clock!

Last but not least – stop using your mobile phone as your alarm! Treat yourself to a stylish alarm clock that will enable you to leave your phone downstairs, in the bathroom, in the kitchen – anywhere but your bedroom. It’s too tempting to spend time scrolling your social feeds, or checking the last of the day’s news, just before you sleep, and it doesn’t help you switch off and relax.

A proper alarm clock will mean you can wake up to your favourite radio station, without the temptation to check emails or social media before getting out of bed, too, so you’ll have a more productive start to the day. 

So, here’s to beautiful scenery, learning something new and phone-free bedtimes.

Lizi’s x


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