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Make your garden a whole lot better this spring | Lizi’s

Posted: 25 February 2021

Spring is a great time to get your garden in shape ready for summer. Check out our top tips on where to start and how to make the most of the changing season.  

Make your garden a whole lot better this spring | Lizi’s

Tidy up borders, planters, and flower beds

Give nature a bit of a helping hand by picking up leaves and other debris to help you get a better idea of what’s planted and give the soil some treatment if it’s needed, too. Remove any weeds and be sure to put them in your garden waste bin or burn them – don’t add them to your compost bin as the seeds will germinate and just leave you with more weeds!

If you can, work your soil and add compost or recycled green waste into your borders to give them some extra nutrients and a head start on the growth that spring will bring.

Add some soothing water features

Traditional pond, soothing fountain or modern stream?

Whatever the style of your house and garden, a water feature can add another dynamic to your outdoor space. The sound of water can help promote a relaxing space in your garden and help attract a range of different wildlife and birds which can bring your garden to life. If you don’t have enough space or the inclination to dig up your garden to make space for a pond, there are plenty of stand-alone options available online that aren’t so permanent, and that can even be attached to walls or fences.

Sow some wildflower seeds

Wildflowers provide pollinators and insects with pollen, food, shelter and places they can breed. Wildflowers are extremely important for wildlife, but they also provide essential pollen for insects to pollinate food crops, including strawberries, raspberries, apples and cherries. They can also help keep soil healthy which is important for growing other plants and shrubs successfully.

Wildflowers are also beautiful and can really make your garden sparkle with the beautiful colours of nature. You can pick up a pack of wildflower seeds for just a few pounds. March and April are good months to sow these seeds, so do some research and pick up an assortment that complements your garden’s theme or your colour preferences.

Give your fences some TLC

After a wet, cold, and snowy winter, your fences or trellis might be calling out for some attention. Use the warmer, lighter spring days to assess your fence, highlight any repairs that may need carrying out.

You can remove moss and dirt by using a pressure washer up and down the panels and, once fully dry, apply a couple of coats of stain for a deep, fresh colour on your fence. You may decide to go one step further and actually add a colour to your fence – light green or grey is popular and looks great – and will give you a feeling of a new, brighter garden which can be more in-keeping with the colour theme of your home.

Install water butts to collect rainwater

Looking to be more sustainable and use less water? By installing a water butt in your garden, you can make the most of the wetter seasons’ rainfall and save money at the same time. This water is perfect for watering the garden, as tap water can be slightly alkaline, and is kind to the environment. It’s a win-win and one step towards being more self-sufficient.

Do you have any handy spring gardening tips? Let us know over on our social channels.

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