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Seven Playlists to Suit Your Mood | Lizi’s

Posted: 13 July 2020

Seven Playlists to Suit Your Mood | Lizi’s


Here at Lizi’s we support wholesome, healthy living – and that means taking care of mind, body and soul.

Sound, and music, can make us feel energised, motivated and uplifted, as well as instilling a sense of calm – meaning it works wonders for our wellbeing too! That’s why we created the Lizi’s Spotify Playlists.

Need some music to accompany you while making and enjoying breakfast? Perhaps you have a long day of chores ahead of you? Whether it’s either of the above scenarios, taking some time to unwind, or study – we have created a Spotify playlist to suit your mood or activity.

You can find the Lizi’s Spotify profile here – https://open.spotify.com/user/3xl49yhc79refxj6c1b0s639k?si=_ZhvohYfRHyypeGLgpwrsw

And choose from the following playlists –

From easing into your day to winding down before bedtime, we have something to suit your daily activities – enjoy!

Want to settle down with your playlist and enjoy a good read? We have plenty of lifestyle, fitness and nutrition articles over on our blog.


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