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Tips for a Whole Lot Better Lock Down | Lizi’s

Posted: 3 April 2020

Tips for a Whole Lot Better Lock Down | Lizi’s


It’s life, but not as we know it…and it’s tough right now. We are all trying to adjust to our new normal – but amid the uncertainty there are lots of things we can do at home to keep us fit and mentally healthy, making these coming days feel a whole lot better.

As we are known for getting our days off to the best start, we’ve got some top tips on how to start the day positive, crack through chores and add a bit of colour back into our homes. Spread them out and they’re sure to keep you motivated, focused and feeling positive long after lockdown ends.

1. Wake up, shake up – With exercise a key reason for being allowed outside, now is a great time to cycle, start running or doing a HIT class in the garden to keep you fit.  Strenuous exercise isn’t for everyone, of course, so don’t beat yourself up for going gentle.  You can be healthy and exercise in other ways, such as a relaxing virtual yoga class, a Pilates session to stretch out those homebound kinks or getting out for a walk around the block. Even 15 minutes a day can make all the difference to your fitness levels and mental health.

2. Smile more and say hello – Spread the positivity by changing how you acknowledge strangers in the street.  No need to say hello to every one you pass, but give a polite smile to most and say good morning or afternoon to at least four people a day, while keeping your safe social distance of course.

3. Switch off at seven – working from home often means working longer hours than you would at the office. Have a break from screens and the peer pressure of social media after seven o’clock in the evening.  Stop work, unwind with a good book, music and conversation with those you live with.  Ignore the devices and focus on the humans.

4. Change your breakfast – As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Introduce a new option for your morning fuel, such as new Super Muesli, to give the mornings a touch of variety and for slow release energy to keep you going throughout the day.

5. Surprise your partner – If you and your partner have set habits and chores, then surprise them by helping out with something that you wouldn’t normally do or be seen doing.  Give them the enjoyment of a ‘free pass’ on their regular chore and hopefully they may do the same with one of yours.

6. Rearrange your furniture – financially we are all being more careful, so rather than investing in that new piece of furniture try a little move around of the existing furniture you have to give your rooms a new feel.  Move a chair here, put a lamp there.  There are known psychological benefits to rearranging household wares and you’ll be surprised how this simple fix can improve your mood.

7. Look after others as well as yourself – use your downtime to invest in some quality time sitting down, conversing with your close friends to see if you can help them with any of their own problems.  A problem shared, is a problem halved, remember.  And if they are good friends, they’ll pay back the kindness and generosity in spirit when the time comes.

8. Clean queens – pick a room and turn it inside out with a thorough deep clean.  Give the things that usually get missed some special attention.  You’ll soon be able to actually see the fruits of your labours, giving you that rush of excitement and achievement.

9. Best feet forward – Similarly, spend an hour giving all your shoes a really decent clean.  Remove the laces, wipe away any stubborn dirt from soles and crevices, and polish. 

10. Connect with a colleague – there are team mates that we talk to daily but what about those who work in smaller teams or solo. In a random act of kindness, why not connect with someone at work who you don’t work directly with. LinkedIn is a great way to find people. Reach out to them and try to find out more about what makes then tick.  You may find you have more in common with them than you think and they will appreciate the thought at this difficult time.

11. Declutter – with no-one coming over and time on our hands now is the time to embrace it. Having piles of disorganised gubbins around you can bring down the mental mood, so make a list of ‘problem areas’ to tackle each week. Set up a donation corner, clear something away and donate it to charity or offer it to a friend or relative so it goes to good use. You’ll be basking in clean lines before you know it.

12. Meet up for breakfast – Virtual breakfasts are a great idea to get you up and ready to tackle the day sooner than floating around the house in PJs or watching TV. Why not arrange for the kids to do an activity together while you enjoy a good breakfast or arrange a brunch with friends. Set a cooking challenge where you all start cooking at a certain time, then sit down to eat together on screen. It’s a lovely way to catch up and doesn’t leave you with a hangover!

13. Switch up your wardrobe – Getting up and dressed first thing in the morning, as if you were going to work or doing the school run, will help you wake up and start the day on a positive and motivated note – but why not play around with what you wear. Try something you haven’t worn for ages or wear something that might not ‘go’ with another piece, you might be surprised what works if you are brave….and who is going to see? Also try more bright bold colours. Wearing one statement item can help bring some visual colour and cheer to your wardrobe.

14. Photo recall – take this time to switch some of the photos in your frames for new ones to give subtle changes to your day-to-day decor.  Keep the previous photos at the back of the frames to start a rotation. We need to continue seeing our loved one’s faces so turn them each month – you’ll be amazed how much more you notice them.

Stay safe and stay home.

Lizi’s x


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