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Your self care tips

Posted: 18 March 2022

Last year, we partnered with Lemonade Box to offer you the chance to get hold of some feel-good prizes!

So, as the cooler days warm up and the evenings grow brighter, we wanted to share some of your wellness ideas to put a real spring in everyone’s step.

Your self care tips

Go natural

Maybe it’s because the past couple of years reminded us of how renewing nature can be, but one theme came up time and again: enjoy the great outdoors. And your suggestions are backed up by science – research in 2019 found that spending two hours a week in nature boosted health and wellbeing, even if you just sit and enjoy the view. The good news for time-short city dwellers is that a stroll in the park is equally good, or if you live near the water, a coastal walk for some ‘vitamin sea’, as one Lizi’s follower put it, is a win.

Animal magic

One of the big trends of the pandemic was an increase in dog ownership, and lots of you waxed lyrical on pets. If canine company isn’t your thing, cats, hamsters and even fish can all boost our sense of wellbeing. The reasons aren’t clear – although the ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin is a prime suspect – but it seems certain that animals help alleviate stress and anxiety. And if your furry friend is big enough to need exercise, the cardio and mood benefits of getting out and about apply to you too.

Screen hygiene

Step away from the light: lots of you mentioned cutting down on screen time, especially in the evenings when our bodies need to wind down. Light is a signal – it tells our us to stay awake and do stuff – but it’s not all about brightness. The fact is, pretty much everything you interact with on a phone or tablet is designed to make your emotions ping or your thoughts get turning, which is the opposite of what bedtime should mean. So we’re glad Lizi’s Insta is a hit but if you don’t visit us to say goodnight, we won’t mind.

Deep breath

Breathing is good for you – a no-brainer, or so we thought. But many of you pointed out that how we breathe can effect how we feel. At Lizi’s we’re fans of yoga, which puts breathwork at the centre of wellness, and anyone who’s taken even a single class knows that breathing deeply and slowly through the nose brings a sense of calm control. US author James Nestor even makes the case in his book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art that ‘mouth breathers’ miss out on increased immune protection, fuller oxygen flow to the brain, better sleep and nicer teeth.

Nutrition mission

Unsurprisingly, you’re all on point when it comes to eating well. We knew from your posts that, aside from appreciating Lizi’s as a great breakfast, lots of you were using our granolas for baking or as a healthy mid-afternoon snack. But responses also involved good habits, with some of you favouring prep the night before to make breakfast more relaxing, and others focusing on who you eat with. There was a lot of love for simple brunch with friends, which, given so many enforced separations of late, we’re fully behind!

And, uh… puzzle?

Here’s one we didn’t see coming: quite a few of you mentioned puzzles as a way to switch off and direct your mind away from stress. And then we remembered talking to Fold Yoga’s Zoe Sharp – who knows a thing or two about grounding and focus – and how she likes to start her day. ‘While my coffee’s brewing, I open up The New York Times mini crossword,’ she told us. ‘Which I’m more competitive about than I’d like to admit!’ Sounds like she’s as clued-up as the rest of you.

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