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14 Sources of Plant-Based Protein | Lizi’s

14 sources of plant-based protein (and fibre) For those at the beginning of a plant-based journey, a very real concern is ‘will I get enough protein?’, particularly if you enjoy sports or working out. However, if you are eating a varied vegan diet, there is little chance you will suffer from a protein deficiency. The best thing about getting your … Continue reading

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Your go-to guide to Veganuary | Lizi’s

Starting the year with Veganuary? Here is our guide for enjoying the month to its fullest. If ever there was a time to embrace change and adopt positive habits, it is the start of a new decade. That includes a new diet and lifestyle. Many use Veganuary to catapult themselves into a short-term vegan lifestyle, reaping the benefits of a … Continue reading

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